Henchmans AD&D

New Broom Sweeps Clean!

Tougher, Stronger, Smarter

Tough Love at the Temple of Merikka

Our new and improved party proceeded to search the temple. All seemed quiet until a gang of Goblins appeared from nowhere and set about getting the next TPK! Our new party were not phased and took the fight to the gang. The Magic User effectively used charm person to enlist the help of one of the gang, named Nuk, he guided to party through the temple. Obviously the Goblin Gang were easily dispatched.

Unfortunately Nuk became the first victim of the mighty Cleric Abramo. (Originally a cleric of the gentle Merikka. His charming by the naga and resultant alignment change has seriously unbalanced his mind. He has scrawled meaningless gibberish on the walls of his room with soot and coloured pigments). Abramo used prayer and silence spells to get the upper hand but the party proved too strong (mostly due to the heroics of the Thief!).

In a secret room they found a captive, Cirilli Finla. A young girl that had resisted the charms of the naga Explictica Defilus and her youthful appeal had struck a chord somewhere in Abramo’s demented subconscious, and he brought her back as his personal prisoner.

Cirilli explains all she knows about the charming of the village folk by the naga.

Also in the room is a jade statue of the naga which the fighter promptly destroys! This reveals a secret door to the room below…



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