Henchmans AD&D

Entering Orlane

The Start

From Hochoch, the Realstrem is quickly crossed at the shallow ford, and you follow a caravan track that winds along the south side of a narrow creek. The plains here are flat and grassy. Occasionally, large cottonwood trees grow along the stream but in general the plain is un-forested.

For several days you pass through an uninhabited region with no untoward experiences. Finally, staying always to the right of the creek, the track enters a region of prosperous farms surrounded by fields of grain or pastures for cows and goats.

Early on the fourth afternoon of the trip, a cluster of buildings and trees becomes visible ahead, with the stone walls of a temple beyond-ORLANE.

At the outskirts of Orlane, a large grove of elms is visible to the left, while several wooden buildings border the road to the right.



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