Henchmans AD&D

New Broom Sweeps Clean!
Tougher, Stronger, Smarter

Tough Love at the Temple of Merikka

Our new and improved party proceeded to search the temple. All seemed quiet until a gang of Goblins appeared from nowhere and set about getting the next TPK! Our new party were not phased and took the fight to the gang. The Magic User effectively used charm person to enlist the help of one of the gang, named Nuk, he guided to party through the temple. Obviously the Goblin Gang were easily dispatched.

Unfortunately Nuk became the first victim of the mighty Cleric Abramo. (Originally a cleric of the gentle Merikka. His charming by the naga and resultant alignment change has seriously unbalanced his mind. He has scrawled meaningless gibberish on the walls of his room with soot and coloured pigments). Abramo used prayer and silence spells to get the upper hand but the party proved too strong (mostly due to the heroics of the Thief!).

In a secret room they found a captive, Cirilli Finla. A young girl that had resisted the charms of the naga Explictica Defilus and her youthful appeal had struck a chord somewhere in Abramo’s demented subconscious, and he brought her back as his personal prisoner.

Cirilli explains all she knows about the charming of the village folk by the naga.

Also in the room is a jade statue of the naga which the fighter promptly destroys! This reveals a secret door to the room below…

The story so far...
or, How to die in one easy session

Idiots all died!

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Entering Orlane
The Start

From Hochoch, the Realstrem is quickly crossed at the shallow ford, and you follow a caravan track that winds along the south side of a narrow creek. The plains here are flat and grassy. Occasionally, large cottonwood trees grow along the stream but in general the plain is un-forested.

For several days you pass through an uninhabited region with no untoward experiences. Finally, staying always to the right of the creek, the track enters a region of prosperous farms surrounded by fields of grain or pastures for cows and goats.

Early on the fourth afternoon of the trip, a cluster of buildings and trees becomes visible ahead, with the stone walls of a temple beyond-ORLANE.

At the outskirts of Orlane, a large grove of elms is visible to the left, while several wooden buildings border the road to the right.

Welcome to Orlane

The border between Gran March and the Kingdom of Keoland has been a peaceful one for many years. In the western section of this frontier, the stagnant bogs and slime-coated pools of the Rushmoors occupy much of an otherwise fertile plain. To the north of the marsh, the dark recesses of the Dim Forest cause even the most stalwart travellers think twice before entering among the tall trunks and dangling tendrils of moss.

Only a few years ago, a group of adventurers opened a small caravan track through the previously untraveled Dim Forest. This track connects the town of Hochoch with Gran March’s thriving capital of Hookhill. The track cuts through a narrow finger of the forest, and traders have to take precautions against the marauding creatures there. Ogres and goblins have been reported, often in large and bloodthirsty bands, and only lucky or well-armed caravans can expect to make the journey in safety.

Orlane itself was founded nearly a generation ago, when explorers from Hochoch reported that the land between the Rushmoors and the Dim Forest seemed to be extremely fertile. Soon after the arrival of the first farmers, a temple to the chaotic good goddess of agriculture, Merikka, was erected, and thus, the village of Orlane was born. The land here proved to be very rich, often producing crops half again as large as those grown in more mundane soil. Orlane quickly grew into a thriving community of 300 people.

Occasionally, the settlers were harassed by bands of humanoids from the forest, or strange, scaly creatures from the swamp. These farmers were hardy folk, however, and were not intimidated by a few raids. Instead, they organized a well- trained militia to meet the assaults of the monsters with cold steel. The humanoids soon learned that Orlane was a village best left alone.

Throughout the past year, the population of Orlane has undergone a steady decline. Many farmers have packed their possessions and, for unknown reasons, migrated to other, less fertile areas. Some homes have simply been found abandoned, with food on the table or crops unharvested in the field. No explanation has ever been offered for these strange disappearances. Sometimes the families have returned in a week or two, and other times they have never been heard from again.

The friendly character of Orlane has vanished as those who remain .have become suspicious of the strange occurrences. Families have drawn in upon themselves, rarely conversing with their neighbours. Now, strangers in Orlane are more often met with questions and challenges than friendly invitations.

Something sinister is at work in Orlane!


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